COVID and Estate Planning

COVID and Estate Planning

As Winston Churchill once said, “never let a good crisis go to waste.” The past year has taught many of us lessons about life and loss and the importance of proper planning. Never has there been a better time to think about what if I could not speak for myself? Would my family know what my wishes were regarding life support? If the worst happened to me, would my family be able to survive?

Perhaps it is time to write a Will, Execute a Health Care Proxy, a Power of Attorney, a Living Will and other documents that will allow someone to act for you.

It is also an excellent time to review your assets and organize. While you may not have paper files to collect, you may need to consider how someone will find the electronic files you have. Does someone have access to your computer and password information?

Do you have a list of the following?

• Medications;
• Doctors;
• Passwords;
• Accounts;
• Life insurance;
• Investments;
• Financial advisors;
• Tax; and
• An unknown third party might need access to assess your Estate or determine what bills need to be paid?

If I have your mind spinning with questions regarding your Estate Planning, please contact our office to help.

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